Featuring Mike Santoro



(musical director - saxophones/keyboards/flute/vocals)


Hailing from Akron, OH, music has been a part of Steve Daley's life for as long as he can remember.  Starting with piano in elementary school, and clarinet and sax following later, Steve is the latest in a long line of Daley musicians.  Grandfather James was a big band leader in the northeast in the forties, followed by father Jim, another accomplished saxophonist. Steve began playing jazz in night clubs in high school, then continued that trend in the night clubs of Athens at Ohio University.  His later years at OU found him in a 7-piece funk band, where he found his appeal for funk and R&B.  Upon graduation, he landed in Charlotte in 1997, when he joined Chronic, a southeastern regional funk band, and was featured on their second cd, Modern Soul Food.  Since Chronic disbanded in 2002, Steve has played with a variety of jazz, funk, r&b, and rock bands in Charlotte.   Steve is excited to bring what is considered a key element to the band and take his musical journey with us, 'The Stranger' to the next level.